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February 10, 2017 1 min read

The Winky Lux Top 10 Reasons Gal-entines
Is More Fun Than Valentines Day

1. Your girlfriends like to dance more than dudes like to dance

2. You can get turnt without ruining the night

3. Girlfriends often give better gifts than bros

4. No Spanx

5. As a girl group there's a 100% higher chance you'll get free drinks at the bar

6. You can blurt out anything on your mind without the risk of being judged

7. Because Carbs

8. You can rock a high fashion outfit….and someone will appreciate it

9. If you get chocolate you don't feel weird eating it immediately

10. You can collectively complain about the mess of gushy couple photos on instagram

BONUS 11: Cuz who run the world