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Winky World 2

Hi 👋 We’re Winky Lux

We make makeup magic.🦄

Here in NYC we’re striving to delight you with new trends, innovative packaging and luxurious ingredients. We’re saying “Boy Bye” to parabens, sulfates, gluten, phthalates and animal testing. Our cruelty free, high pigment colors are designed to give you all the feels while providing real results. You’re a QUEEN, you deserve all the pretty things. We’re here to make them for you.

The Poodle is Our Spirit Animal

Wondering why the poodle is our icon? Poodles embody who we are and hope to be as a brand. They're highly intelligent, loyal, playful pups that get groomed on the regular 💇 and are like, really pretty 💁 (duh).

On that note— it's no coincidence that the Winky Lux team is gaga for pets. Just one of the many reasons why we don't test on animals and insist that our suppliers don't either. Our Director of Treats and office mascot, Pippy, couldn't be prouder.


Contact Us

Winky Lux Headquarters
69 Ludlow Street
NY, NY 10002