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Forever Flower Makeup Brush Set

Featuring ultra-soft vegan brushes and real flowers encased in acrylic.

Inspired by our Flower Balms, they are the ultimate holiday gift 

Your Six Essential Makeup Brushes

1. Dual Complexion Brush

This large, tapered, fanned brush can be used for powder or bronzer. The soft, synthetic bristles will apply any powder evenly while the tapered tip helps with precision application.

2. Angled Blush Brush

A fluffy angled brush that is perfect for sweeping blush along the cheekbones. (It’s also great for contouring.)

3. Fan Brush

Get the perfect highlight exactly where you want it, with this sleek fan brush that creates an even, diffused glow. Build highlights to your liking or use it to diffuse harsh lines and remove excess powder.

4. Tapered Blending Brush

Blend eyeshadow shades with this super-soft, tapered blending brush. Blending along the crease will diffuse any harsh lines.

5. Medium Dome Brush

Use this fluffy shader brush for all-over lid eyeshadow application, eye priming, or to buff out concealer in smaller areas.

6. Pencil Brush

This small, precise pencil brush is great for smoking out eyeliner, applying shadow on the lower lash line, or highlighting the inner tear duct.